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Pigeon shooting olympic games 19000. The Olympics are humanity’s sport, and they sound great. But in other words, it is already said that it is a sport for the human race only.. Other races can only be helpers or supporters.

Horses are also honored to wear medals, but pigeon are the most pitiful. Especially the race in 1900 in France. 

This was a bloody race and washed some pigeon in Paris. But it’s fun for both racers and spectators. until being recounted to the present day

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Compete according to lifestyle Pigeon shooting

Back in the 1900 Olympics, or the second Olympics in Paris, France, There are not as many types of competition as today. Because athletes from different countries travel very difficult. Moreover, the technology in those days was not very advanced. The kind that has something to compete with each other first. 

One of the most competitive sports is shooting competitions. Because a gun is considered a dual weapon of the human body. And at that time, anyone who had their own firearm was super cool, so it was a sport that filtered between the differences between ordinary people. with athletes as well 

Shooting at the Olympics in 1900 came in many forms: stand-up shooting, lying down, seated shooting, or even stationary shooting … but nothing was as classic and talked about as skeet shooting competitions.

How strange is the target? If the present is simple, there is a Frisbee launcher in the sky. Have the shooter take the gun to break the plate. But that era, as mentioned above no science There is no state-of-the-art industrial equipment like today. So the easiest way to make a skeet is “don’t have to do it” … When you want a skeet, why waste time flying? Catch a pigeon and release it from the cage. and let it fly up to the sky and become a living target by default 

Even if it looks like a cruel way But for the moment it was not something strange. The 1900 Olympics skeet shooting was taken to the next level by defining it as a “Très Aristocratique” (aristocracy) sport.