Revealing the best of the Italy national team

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The European Football Championship Euro 2020 has travel through. The quarter-finals and since the opening of the first leg until today. One of the teams that was talked about the most would have to give it up. Italy national team. Which has received many acclaim for coming with a new look. A powerful and exciting playing style unlike the style of the Azzurri team that everyone has ever seen.

Roberto Mancini

        However, Roberto Mancini’s Italy is not only great in terms of the game’s decisive action. But there are also decisive tactics in playing set-pieces or set pieces that can be used to attack opponents very well. Which “The Sun”, the British media, has reveal the story that this is not a coincidence. But it comes from preparation and hard work. And the Italy national team has more than 4,000 practice drills to practice playing steady balls for real competition.

        The Sun revealed that the key man behind Italy’s most dangerous set-pieces was Gianni Vio. One of the team’s coaching staff. Which is the design of the practice of playing still balls for the players in the team to practice. Which has up to 4,830 patterns together.


Vio, 66 years old, is regarded as the ultimate expert on set pieces. Despite the fact that his previous occupation was a bank employee at Unicredit Bank in Venice, but with a passion for football games or whatever. He has attended a coaching course with the Italy national Federation. (The same generation as Maurizio Sarri, ex-Chelsea and Juventus boss, who previously worked at a bank as well) several years ago.

        At the end of the Coach Licensing course, Vio presents a thesis titled Standards: the 15-goal striker , based on the idea that If the team plays an effective set-piece There will be a chance to score 15 more goals each season. It’s no different from having one more center forward player.

        Then, in 2004, he worked with a psychologist to release another book, That Extra 30 Percent, and this time it became a pavement for him to pursue a full career in professional football. His idea caught the eye of Walter Senga, a former Italian goalkeeper for the 1990 World Cup, who worked as a coach and decided to contact Vio to work with him. Their outstanding performance was in the 2008-09 season when both Catania teams played in Serie A, scoring 44 goals, including 17 goals from set-pieces.

Of course, the work of Vio is not only there. Because he has worked with other teams such as Leeds United, Brentford, as well as big teams like AC Milan, as for coming to work with the Italian national team, VIO has. revealed that “I was contacted directly by Mancini, we met in Bologna, talked and shook hands. I started working with the national team last September.”