Madrid side, saying Azpilicueta has not finish Barca

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Cesar Azpilicueta ‘s next station issue Chelsea captain quarterback will have to wait for more clarity near the end of the season. When the latest newspaper. Which has a headquarters in Catalan City, came out to dispute reports from the Madrid media. That the player has not yet reached an agreement with Barcelona, ​​according to reports ufabet.

A few days before ‘ El Chiringuito TV ‘ , the capital ‘s media said the 32 – year-old, who is out of contract with the Blues at the end of the season . Agreed in advance to sign for ‘ Barca ‘ as a free agent with a 3 -year contract plus the option to extend one more season .  

But the latest ‘ Mundo Deportivo ‘ , the mouthpiece of ‘ Pig Blood – Blue ‘ hasten to deny the report that it is not true. Because no matter how much Xavi Hernandez’s team wants to work with ‘ Azpilicueta ‘ . They have to respect Chelsea’s efforts to get the captain to renew the contract first. 

Claiming that the ‘ Indigo Blue Lion ‘ offers a 1 -year contract with a guarantee contract. With the option to extend the obligation in 2023-24.  

In case of failure, ‘ Azul Grana ‘ gradually reached out to approach because it is a courtesy of the industry. The commitment condition is a 2 year guarantee, with the option to extend the commitment further in 2024-25   .

You have to keep track of which side will ultimately report closer to reality.