Nuno maintains Alli’s generosity, Winks stays on track

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Nuno Espirito Santo is unconcern about pressure from the board. Or fans over the recent disappointment of his performance. Because he took this risk in the first place. Dele Alli and Harry Winks could be ready to compete if the opportunity allows.

Nuno has lost four of his last six league games. Although the first month won in a row Plus the way of playing against the Spurs resulted in being particularly focus. However, the Portuguese boss is kind to fight the Tigers to overthrow Manchester United, saving the chair for himself.  

Nuno Espirito

“ Because I am myself. I already have a routine. Concentrate only on the things that should be important. Focus only on things you can control. Stories can influence it , ” degree of head coaches wonderful spa . C . Said.  

” All of it is up to the players , strength , ambush drills to prepare , the players on the field together , hour after hour spent on this training ground. That’s the focus. ” 

“ If you’re assertive, just that. When I go home, I will think about what I have to do the next day. Concentrate on what is in your head and take your ears to the field and your eyes to the fields. ” 

“ There is no manager in this world. not facing pressure. ” 

As for the future of the two great midfielders. Nuno insists there is still a place in the Tottenham team.  

“ We called all the teams to train. This Friday, we have one more meal left. And then we can decide. Who will play on Saturday. ”

“ For Alli and Winks, they are here with us. nothing to worry about It’s a situation that requires practice. We polish every player. Build momentum to develop players’ potential. This is what happens in the squad – every player has the opportunity to play. ”

Allie play the last league match defeat Arsenal Espanyol 1-3 days, 26 months. Before the winks of touches last league game of the 11 ‘s . I . I defeated Crystal Palace 0-3.