Own goals dominate Euro 2020

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First own goals in Euro history It happened in 1976 when Czechoslovakia’s Anton Ondrus scored an own goal in the semi-final against the Netherlands in Belgrade.

It took 20 years to have the next child , when Bulgaria’s Luboslav Penev failed to score for France. The last person to score an own goal before the Euro 2020 tournament was Northern Ireland ‘s Gareth McAuley at Euro 2016.

But coming this year, even though I just kicked the quarterfinals halfway. There have also been 10 own goals score, more than the previous Euro 15 tournament record combined. The goal that created such a record was The moment the shot of Jordi Alba ricochets Denis Zakaria, the Swiss player is the leading goal of Spain.

Before Sagaria Nine players have been ‘credited’ for scoring their own goals, namely Merih Demiral, Wojciech Szczesny, Mats Hummels, Ruben. Dias, Rafael Guerrero, Lukas Hradecki, Martin Dubravka, Uraij Cushka and Pedri.

Island Newsday British media tried to find out why the euro is the same. To make a statistical shot into the goal itself, this landslide By asking the opinion of many people in European football circles as follows

Georges Leekens (former Belgium national football team, two-times)

“This Euro, the defenders focus a lot on the ball. but not paying attention to the situation around him as he should causing his own goals to be fuzzy many times But it shows how stressed or pressed the players are. Making split-second decisions is not good enough.

“Not sure if it’s because the defenders don’t talk to each other or not. It may be a communication problem partly. Maybe they’re trying too hard to play the ball so perfect that they forget a simple principle. of defense That is to clear the ball to safety first.”

Eric Thorvedt (former Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper and Norway national team)

“One of the key factors is probably fatigue. Normal race program size. The players are already tired. Especially in the current situation Many people have to play very often. Therefore, it should be sufficiently lag.

“As a goalkeeper What happened to Unai Simon (against Croatia) was the worst nightmare. I’ve also score an own goal against Crystal Palace once, that moment will be etch in my memory. But the timing of Simon Pedro’s own goal in the tournament, so Simon will have to give him a little consolation.”