“Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” When will it be held, where will it be held?

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Information you should know before watching the biggest sporting event of mankind “Olympics 2020” in Tokyo. Japan 

When will the 2020 Olympics run?

Originally scheduled that the 2020 Olympics will compete between 24 July – 9 August 2020, but as you know. Covid-19 coronavirus crisis epidemic all over the world causing the competition to be postpone for a full year And the new tournament is schedule for July 23 – August 8, 2021, but some sports that will start before the opening ceremony, softball and football, will start from July 21. sharp

Even though the Games are postpone to 2021. The title of the Games will remain “Olympics 2020” for reasons related to sponsorships, marketing and branding.

Where will the 2020 Olympics take place?

At the International Olympic Committee meeting on August 7, 2013, the Olympic Games 2020 host nation voted for three cities that submitted bids: Tokyo, Japan, Istanbul, Turkey and Madrid, Spain. “Tokyo” won the right to host the vote. This is the second time Tokyo has served as the host of the Olympics. After the first time in 1964

Meanwhile, in addition to Tokyo There are other cities That will be the playing field of this Olympics as well, such as Yokohama, Sendai, which participates in football matches. Golf goes to Saitama. while running a marathon The iron lung runners will go to Sapporo to measure their endurance. will be mainly in Tokyo

Symbols and mascots

The symbol of Tokyo Games is a checkerboard pattern. Known as “Ishimatsu Moyo” , it is a traditional Japanese art pattern during the Edo period. It exemplifies the elegance and sophistication of Japan. with three rectangular shapes It represents different countries, cultures and ways of thinking. Which is design under the concept of “Unity in Diversity” or unity within a variety of differences.

The mascot of the competition It was reveal at the same time as the Olympics. And Paralympic Games in 2020 by the mascot of the Olympics came in shades of blue – white named Mirai’s sacristy (MIRAITOWA) the mascot of Paralympic big pink – white named Cameron County (SOMEITY).

The Olympic mascot, Miraitowa, is a combination of Mirai, meaning ‘future,’ and Towa, meaning ‘eternity’. ” May the future be bright and eternal”. Which was named after the votes of Japanese students in over 16,000 schools both inside and outside the country.