Pep responds to Manchester City

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City , hinted that in the market for reinforcements this round “Blue Sailings” may not buy more and not let anyone out of the ufabet team. Even if the latest will just starve to the Cristiano Ronaldo to join the army.

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola has hinted that his team will not have any reinforcements. And no one has been release from the team again in the transfer market. This time by saying that everything will end in the current state.

Despite getting Jack Grealish to join the army for a fee of 100 million pounds (about 4,600 million baht), but many people think that Manchester City still need to have another great striker, which they initially thought. took Harry Kane to join the army but was unsuccessful until a transition goal Cristiano Ronaldo Santos Aveiro by pretending that it is now. “The Blues” will also be fulfilled. But it turns out that Ronaldo has join Manchester United instead. While a number of players from the current Manchester City team have been link with potential departures. such as Bernardo Silva and Aymeric Laporte, etc.

Asked if anyone would leave in the final corner of the market, Guardiola replied: “Right now I don’t think anyone will leave. But it might happen. Anything can happen. But in my opinion, everything will end in the current state. And that’s good enough.”

“I don’t know what will happen. it’s a puzzle This round of reinforcement market is very strange. It has many big issues. The English team made a sensational reinforcement. One or two deals could be seen, and there have been speculations that Real Madrid might buy some. The rest I don’t know.”