Get to know “Ishimatsu Moyo-Miraitowa”

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Ishimatsu Moyo Get to know the symbols and mascots of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. Which will be play between 23 July – 8 August.

The journey of Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020” That is consider too difficult to establish a foothold and organize the competition.

Because it is call Drama since the creation of a symbol or emblem with the news. That the first symbol corresponds to the symbol of a theater in Belgium Finally. The organizers of the competition had to order dismantling. and started a whole new design process.

Before coming, Asao Tokoro, a famous Japanese designer. The elaborate design came out beautifully. Through a checkerboard pattern, it is a pattern that has been popular in countries around the world and throughout Japan’s history.

Ishimatsu Moyo 

Checkerboard has been known as “ Ishimatsu Moyo ” since the Edo period (1603-1867). Where the checker design in traditional turquoise. It exemplifies the elegance and sophistication of Japan. with three rectangular shapes It represents different countries, cultures and ways of thinking. combined with the message that “Unity in Diversity”

It also expresses the fact that the Olympics and Paralympics Support in diversity as a platform to connect the world


The Tokyo Games 2020 mascot is name “MIRAITOWA”, derived from the Japanese words “mirai” meaning “future” and “towa” meaning “eternity”. represents the desire to give the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 brings a future of eternal hope in the hearts of all people around the world.

“Miraitowa” is an AI-inspired character Ishimatsu (turquoise blue) fabric pattern derive from the Tokyo Games 2020 symbol. A tribute to both respected traditions. and modern innovations of Japanese culture, Mirai Towa has a personality inspired by the Japanese proverb: “Learn from the past and develop new ideas”

By Miraitowa A remarkably cheerful and strong person. It also has a special power to teleport wherever you want.

Mirai Towa passed the votes of youth, kindergarten and elementary school students all over Japan. Because it is a symbolic vote that wants this generation to grow up to be adults decide the future of the country together.